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The Tranquil House

Colaba | 2,000 S.ft. | 2008

In the pursuit of settling down in a cosy neighbourhood of south Mumbai, with specific spatial requirements, the clients wanted the house to be in tune with their cross-cultural ideologies on art and aesthetics.

The entrance leading to the living and the dining section, that has a direct access to the personal areas consisting of the bedrooms, forms the main zone here. The highlight of the house is the library that is lined along a passage and leads to the kitchen. The challenge being to incorporate a continuous design dialogue that binds these two sections as one unit. The language required to reflect an old, understated kind of treatment. As an obvious, wooden flooring is the binding factor across the house. The lighting, which is an elegant feature of the residence, with very select art décor complements the old-world look. The library experience has been designed as a place to relax, browse and ideate.

The biggest appeal of the space is the tranquillity that the design reflects. Once inside, the warmth of the old-world charm that is intrinsic to the design language, is omnipresent in the house.

Studio PKA

Studio PKA