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The BC Apartment

Breach Candy | 1000 S.ft. | 2006

The house with a sea view, and the brief to design the day areas with an extraordinary touch, the BC Apartment comes across as one that stands out and still blends in. With an eye to give volume to the formal living area, the TV lounge has been separated from the rest of the room, and yet not completely cut off. The visual access to this zone from the dining has been blocked, and a patterned glass partition created with a wooden unit to hold artefacts, that separates the lounge from the dining area. Thus it becomes an extension of the living room, lending the necessary volume to the space. The balcony with a wonderful sea view has been created as a very warm zone with an oriental feel. With wooden rafters on the ceiling and a wooden ledge dressed with warm furnishings, it is a soothing experience zone by the sea.

The subtle design statement comes through very elegantly through smart space planning and use of vibrant colours. The most appealing part of the design for this apartment is the use of contrasting colours that provide an elegant look. The contemporary decor complemented by the sea view make this zone truly warm and inviting.