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House On The Link

Prabhadevi | 3,000 S.ft. | 2007

The house finds itself in close proximity to the Sea Link, and hence the client was ambitious and determined to capture the breathtaking view from almost every zone in the house. Embracing the entire concept of bringing the outside in, the design is highlighted with the opening up of the west sea facing facade through a translucent charade of sliding folding glass doors.

The deck, lined with timber on the floor and a glass railing in front adds volume to the living room and better access to the view. Using an understated design language, the furniture has been kept to a minimum in the living area. The only indulgence is the swing that has been provided for enjoying the view. Over all, the home is a very straightforward design expression that speaks a very warm yet practical language.

One finds the use of subtle materials that do not draw attention so that the focus of the design remains on the view of the Sea Link. Marble flooring and minimal furniture accentuates the simplicity of design, while the use of wooden flooring and soft colours add a warm and welcoming touch.

Studio PKA

Studio PKA