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Prodigy Investment Management

Kala Ghoda | 1,100 Sq. Ft. | 2021

Located in the Kala Ghoda district, the office space designed for a Financial Investment Firm ties together a simple design program with a porous plan.

The customized intervention houses a front office, a service block – with a cafe, pantry & washrooms – an open office with workstations, a meeting room and two private cabins.

Visitors are welcomed by a divider unit which has been envisioned as an ever-changing element – with vines that creep upwards and spread out towards the open office – echoing philosophies of growth, vivacity and flexibility.

As one moves through the space, straight lines and right angles are broken by a curved glass partition, which instead of only contributing towards a simple functional requirement adds dynamism to the office interior. Taking advantage of the high ceilings – which have been rendered a deep charcoal – the services stand exposed and are allowed to add character and flair with a pop of color.

The Earthy material palette infuses shades of brown and grey which are accentuated by whites and brought to the fore by vibrant artwork that is peppered across backdrops and complements the space’s eccentricities.

With each element playing its part, the entire design paradigm comes together to a space the firm can call its own.

Studio PKA

Studio PKA