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Dow Jones

Bandra Kurla Complex | 5700 Sq. Ft. | 2016

The American publishing and financial news firm sought a fresh, invigorating and inviting take on their reception and café, which would stand out as individual entities. With panoramic views of the city below and the majestic sea link in the horizon, the light filled open office required a subtler refinement that would follow a similar layout scheme by means of an optimized design solution. A phone booth was conceptualized to provide an inconspicuous breakaway zone at the entrance of the open office.

The interactive reception instantly draws the visitor’s eye upon approaching the office. With the backdrop doused in Berg Blue – the official brand identity colour – and the sleek white and grey reception table, the ethos of the firm of being ‘clear, simple and direct’ is accentuated and highlights the character and values that the company has nurtured over the years.

The overlapping space between the reception and the café is demarcated by a bold divider unit that maintains a visual connect between the two zones and provides a smooth transition from one space to the other.

Hues of green and yellow surround the shades of white and grey and add a sense of vibrancy and character that can be seen from across the open office. Originally sealed off by means of a small meeting room near the interactive reception, the café is brought to life by opening up the expanse of the office which ultimately connects the interior and the exterior, visually.

A touch of warmth is brought into the mix by the wooden flooring that starts from the interactive reception and spills over into the café; the zones are very much part of the same world but at the same time, are uniquely different.

The user is encouraged to use the café for meetings and discussions which effectively gets translated as a community space. This fosters growth and togetherness, with the design of the table being a strong contributing factor in its own right.
On the whole, the multipurpose zones are envisioned to provide a fascinating front office experience that pushes the boundaries of conventional office spaces.

Studio PKA

Studio PKA